Create an Organization

In Log Owl you are going to set up an organization and invite your team members to it. There are two different roles in Log Owl. Admins are able to invite and remove team members from the organization while regular users are able to manage errors and have access to analytics and alerts.


To set up a new organization, move to the authentication screen and click create a new organization. You will be navigated to the setup process. First, you need to provide the name of your organization. Please be careful, as this can't be changed later. In the next step, you are prompted to enter your personal information such as your name, email address and a strong password. Clicking Next will create your organization and personal account. Since you've created the organization, you will automatically get the admin role.

User roles

Log Owl differentiates between three different types of users. The basic role is the user role. This role allows the user to do everything except for managing team members, managing subscriptions and deleting the organization.

Users with the admin role additionally have the permission to invite and delete team members, even other users with the admin role.

Every organization has an organizationOwner. This is the user who initially created the organization. Only this user is able to manage subscriptions and close the organization and thereby delete all its data. This user can't be deleted by other others or delete their own account only the entire organization. The ownership of an organization cannot be transferred to other users.

Inviting team members

Once you've set up your organization you are being sent back to the authentication page. You can now sign in with the email and password you provided during the setup process. Open the settings panel of your organization by clicking on the house icon in the sidebar and navigate to the tab Invite. There you need to provide the name, and the email address of your team member and assign them a role. Click Invite to invite the user. You will automatically be navigated to the Team tab where you will see the team member you've just invited. You will notice a badge that says pending. This signalizes that the user hasn't signed in yet. There will be another badge that shows this user's invite code. Please send the user this code as ask them to sign in into their Log Owl account to confirm the invitation. The user just needs to open the authentication page and select Sign up a new account. The user needs to provide their name and email address, choose a password and enter the invite code. If you are using Log Owl's managed service or connected your self-hosted instance with your Mailgun account, the invited user will receive an email with the invite code, and it's not necessary to send them the code manually.


Please notice that the email address needs to match the email address used to invite the user. The invite code is attached to the email address that was provided when inviting the user and can not be used for any other email address.

Closing an organization

If you want to close an organization and delete all its users, errors and analytic data, please open the organization settings in the sidebar and go to the Delete tab. Click Delete and confirm that you want to delete your organization and all its data.