Slack and Discord Alerts

Slack Alerts allow you to receive notifications whenever an error occurs in one of your services. They are not just available for Slack but also for Discord. This can be handy if you are looking for instantaneous push notifications to get notified about any incidents. Slack Alerts are available in all plans and do not require an admin role.

Creating a Webhook

Slack and Discord Alerts in Log Owl are configured on the service level. This means you can set alerts for each service individually. To get started, create a new webhook in your Slack workspace or Discord server and add it one of your channels. You can find a detailed guide on this in the Slack Documentation and Discord Documentation.

Enabling Alerts

Once you have successfully created a webhook in Slack or Discord, login into your Log Owl instance and open the service you want to enable alerts for. You can open a service either by choosing one from the dropdown in the top-left-hand corner or by navigating to the first menu item in the sidebar and selecting the desired service. On the service detail page, open the tab Alerts and enter the webhook URL you created in the first step. Webhook URLs from Slack have the following pattern: Discord webhook URLs, on the other side, look like so: Make sure to add /slack at the end of the URL. Confirm by clicking on Save and you have successfully enabled alerts for your service. Whenever an error occurs, you will get a notification in the respective channel.

Slack Alert:

log owl slack alert